Pecatu, Bali – February 2018

Let me start with a brief explanation of how I ended up choosing Bali and India for my winter 2018 destinations. The whole trip was hatched in a 5 day whirlwind of on-line booking in late January. My original plan was to tour in East Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia,Bali and Thailand) after completing the September tour of China, Japan and Thailand with my good friends from my TD days.   Luckily, fate intervened and prevented me from, probably, making a huge mistake with the original complicated travel plan. I had asked my current landlords for an early lease renewal in June and they agreed, but at a higher rent. Since Calgary is currently a renter’s market – a lot of apartments vacant and panicked owners willing to negotiate – I gave my notice with the intention of putting my stuff in storage and looking for a new place when I got back, under the original plan, from East Asia in March. Of course, I never got organized enough to upsticks and send them to storage. The easiest solution was to return to Calgary at the beginning of October which would give me 3 weeks to purge more of my “junk” shove the stuff into storage and head someplace hot for the rest of the winter.   During my time back in Canada, my second cousin, Kelsi, and her partner, Mitch,  where in the final stages of planning their far east tour and thought it would be fun to meet up in Bali.  So Bali became a possible destination.  My cousin, Anita, and her husband, Delmer, had planned a 23 day tour of India and thought it would be great to meet in Goa for a few days while they wound down from their hectic tour.  So, Goa India was added to my list.  Eventually, I decided to stay on after they return to Canada to see more of the Indian west coast before taking a 9 day river tour down the Ganges.

Before I left for Asia, I had looked at my current apartment in August, but couldn’t justify paying double rent until October, so passed it up. When I returned to Calgary in October, the listing was gone from Out of curiosity, I called the agent and he advised it was still available and he would give me a good deal for a two year lease and that is how I ended up moving into the Arriva. I love my apartment so much that I really didn’t feel the urge to go anywhere UNTIL the cold weather arrived. So, the trip was planned.

Yes, it is this comfortable. Even The Beverly Hillbillies couldn’t hold his attention.


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